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Frequently asked questions

How easy is it to make meatballs with this mix?

Very easy! In a bowl, you add 1/4 of your choice liquid to the mix. (milk, broth or water). I use chicken broth when I am trying to cut down on dairy. Mix until it becomes a nice paste consistency. Next add 1.34-1.4 lb. of your choice meat and mix. Roll into balls and either fry or bake meatballs and add your favorite sauce!

Can I use other meat instead of ground beef?

Yes! You will follow the mix directions but instead of ground beef, you can use ground turkey, a mix of different kinds of meat but I would still use 1.34-1.4 lbs of meat.

Do I have to add the mix just to meat?

You can use the dry mix anywhere your recipe calls for breading. Try the package for coating chicken cutlets or adding to your favorite vegetable dish. The ideas are endessless!

Can I make anything other than meatballs with this mix?

You can make meatloaf the same way as meatballs but instead of rolling into balls, you would create a loaf shape and bake 350 degrees - about 35-45 minutes per lb.

How many meatballs does this mix make?

You can make about 18 meatballs, depending on the size of the meatballs you roll.

What are the ingredients so I can see if it is allergy-safe?

All our ingredients can be found on our SHOP page.

What is the Sunday dinner experience?

These boxes are curated gifts for the foodie or Italian food lover in your life. Choose which sentiment you want to gift and we will curate the perfect box so they can create a delicious Sunday dinner of their own.

What is the Sunday dinner club?

A curated bulk box of essentials needed to create four Sunday dinners of your own. Each box includes pasta, Melly's Meatball Mix, Melly's breading and Nonna's sauce with a special gift each month.

Do I need to be skilled in cooking to enjoy the cooking club?

Any skill level will be able to follow! Enjoy from a library of recipes with easy tips to follow.

How often is the Sunday dinner club shipped?

Choose from 1 month only or monthly. You can cancel at any time.

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