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Sunday Dinners are MORE than just about the meals

It's a powerful tradition to disconnect from the worries of the week and connect with your chosen family over a delicious meal, creating wonderful memories

Melly's Sunday Dinner helps YOU create an AUTHENTIC Italian Sunday Dinner through our...

Easy & Convenient Meatball Mix

Recipes from Nonna & other Italian Chefs

The Sunday Dinner Experience Kits

Tutti a Tovala a Mangiare!

"Everyone to the Table to Eat"

Let's bring table time back! 

Melly's Sunday Dinner will be your guide!

Nonna’s Recipe in a Bag


Savor Nonna’s authentically delicious Italian recipe with Melly’s Homemade Meatball Mix! Simply add ground beef, milk, and eggs. 

Available in Regular and Gluten Free.

The Sunday Dinner Experience® Kits

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Make the perfect Sunday Dinner with our recipe kits.  Makes a great gift, too! 

Choose from:

Spaghetts & Meatballs, Sunday Dinner Basics

FREE Sunday Dinner Basics Course


Sundays in the Italian culture are all about enjoying a long afternoon eating delicious food with family and friends. 


Feed your family a true taste of Italy with our FREE Sunday Dinner Basics Online Digital Course


These recipes are handed down from Nonna and are all you need to make memorable Italian Sunday Dinners!

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​Join our FREE Italian cooking course and join the movement to bring families back around the table. 

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